Monday, 12 September 2016



My scooter broke!
Only people with useless legs will understand how the breakdown of a scooter could cause a complete meltdown.  My scooter is the difference between being a social butterfly or being a hermit! Admittedly 'social butterfly' is a little exaggeration, but... I really don't want to be a hermit either.
I have a TGA Minimo... its one of those folding scooters, which means at the yank of a handle, it folds down to a suitcase size and can then be hoisted into the boot of my car.  Mid-yank... the handle breaks!  Woe is me, thankfully with a little (a lot) of help from my dad, we wrestled the (now disgraced) scooter into the back of my car, after folding down the back seats.
  • an emotional meltdown
  • a useless scooter, still in the back of the car
  • tears
  • apprehension
  • worry
  • fatigue

After getting over my meltdown about my broken scooter (all sorts of ranting, crying and yelling - I became a little unstable for a whilst... stress will do that to an MS'er!), I moved on to worrying about how I was going to fix it.  Then I had a brainwave (doesn't happen very often, especially when I've managed to upset myself with recriminations, blame, fear and worry, but it happened), I found the TGA website, which, conveniently had a telephone number... which I rang.  A very nice young man took my details (and my money); ordered a new part for me and offer up all sorts of advice and helpful suggestions.
When the new part arrived three days later, it took my son less than five minutes to fix a new handle to the folding mechanism and hey presto... I'm mobile again!  Crisis over, disaster averted.  Except it made me appreciate my scooter all the more and reflect on just how lucky I am to have a scooter in the first place.
My scooter...

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Image result for tga minimo

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